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    Why do you need Secure Code Review?

    Client business applications store and manage a host of valuable information. By performing a secure code review, security flaws can be identified and remediated. From a compliance perspective (such as PCI-DSS), it is mandatory to perform a source code review before launching the product.
    • Secure Development
    • Automated review
    • Manual review

    Our Approach

    Threat Modelling
    Prilliminary Scan
    Source Code Review

    Find and fix common issues fast

    Identify hidden vulns that involve human interaction such as business logic flaws, identity management bypasses, and misconfigurations.

    Tackle complex apps with ease

    Test complex apps and features for payment processing, purchasing, file uploads, and elaborate user workflows.

    Rely on battle-tested standards

    Our methodology follows common testing standards such as OWASP, The Web Application Hacker Handbook, and SANS Top 25.

    Use the right pentesters and tools for the task

    We combine human-driven testing by a curated team, the latest scanners, and custom tooling to get the high-impact results you want.

    We Care For Business

    Reduce risk

    We reduce the risk of breaches by improving security visibility and helping fix potential points of exposure.

    Increase security ROI

    We ensure you understand the value of your security performance within the organization’s overall strategy.

    Innovate faster

    We digitize security workflows across your SDLC so you can ship safer code faster and use security as a core differentiator.

    Access expert talent

    We curate & activate a diverse community of skilled security researchers and bring the right crowd to your use cases at the time.

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