Email Security


Secure private control

15 Privacy Controls

Keep your emails private and secure No matter which copy or who has it

Build on the robust siccura platform , this user-friendly software is prefect for businesses of any size ensuring that your valuabble data remains under your control at all times!


Why Choose Us?

Watch who does what where & when with your emails 24/7

Who shares with whom
When they opened
Which Device and Location When closed
Attempts to do what they are not allowed to do
Who tried to open


Files Controls

15 controls that give you power over your emails for life

Share anything with anyone We have your back

  • View Only (Default) Self Destruct
  • Password Protect
  • Copy,Forward
  • Private Area
  • Positive List

  • Delete,Edit
  • Export, Revoke Access
  • Print, Expiry Date
  • Lock to Device
  • Watermark, Screengrab