Files Security


Your Business data is your oil!

Take Ulitimate control over your Business files

Siccura file for work is a powerful data protection solution designed to keep your business-sensitive files safe, secure and private.

Build on the robust siccura platform , this user-friendly software is prefect for businesses of any size ensuring that your valuabble data remains under your control at all times!

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Create ,Store , replicate and Share

Keep your files private and secure it doesn’t matter which copy where stored who has it.

Lock. Encrypt. Safeguard

Discover Siccura file’s features for unbreakable file protection.

24/7 File Protection

Transform every file , no matter how rich your data is, be it a word document, presentation or high-defination video into an unbreakable code whith a unique personal key.

Total control over data access

As the power, or administrator, you decide who can access your business files, when, and for how long. you have control over whether employees can edit, download, print, share,forward, or copy secured files.

Blockchain-inspired security

Siccura uses principles of blockcahin technology to ensure that each copy of a file’s encryption key is secure , and can only be used by the intended recipient , making the platform highly secure and decentralised.

Secure Collaborative sharing

Securely share file links on any platform, such as email, instant messenger, or more. The default mode of access is view-only, but permissions can be modified based on necessity.

Comprehensive audit trail

Keep track of all activity related to your files, including whenthey were secured , accessed, and modified , by whom, and what actions were taken with the data.

Auto-protect files

Choose to automatically secure all files, specific file type, or manually secure individual files. administrators can also set different security levels for employees based on their roles or groups.

Secure backup solutions

Sync your secure backups on google drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, ensuring that your data is protected from various threats both inside and outside your company.

Data Safety

Your locked files don’t actually stay with siccura file. it’s with you on your device or with your regular storage provider. siccura file just gives you the tool to lock and monitor it.

File Privacy controls

Password protectt, set a time limit or revoke access on files shared at any time.

Why Choose us?

Why Choose Siccura File?

Stay Compliant

Securely adhere to data protection regulations, such as GDPR, by employing robust securty measures like strong encryption and access controls.

Greater Business Efficiency

Siccura’s security allows you to concentrate on growing your business as your business files remain in your control

Better Control

You decide who can see, edit, or share your business data no matter where it gose.

Enhanced Privacy

Siccura file lets you keep your business data private

Protect your ideas

Protect valuable intellectual property, customer data and more by restricting access to sensitive files.

Seamless interation

This service focuses on securing end-user devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from cybersecurity threats.

Auditing Made Easy

Offers detailed logs, similar to securty footage showing who entered a registricted area and when.

Prevent unauthorised access and sharing

Control who can share your files, and whith whom.

Siccura File Types

Advanced security for several data types